Pampered Chef

I promote Pampered Chef because I love their quality kitchen tools! I have some that are over 23 years old!

Pace Peaceful Weddings

I have been a wedding officiant since 2010. My goal is to offer my clients a unique and memorable ceremony at an affordable price.


Velovita is launching soon, but products are available for purchase. I can tell you after using them for 2 weeks, this is a game changer! No anxiety, sleeping well, and less pain throughout my body.

Education Rocks!

Education is crucial! I am a Geologist who has fallen in love with the field of education. Helping people learn about the world of science brings me so much joy!

It's me, Lynn!

I'm Lynn. I am a mom, wife, daughter, cousin, friend, nature lover, scientist, and educator. I am passionate about many things in life and hope to share many of them with you here.

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